NAPA Repertory Theatre

Artistic Director Zain Ahmed


The NAPA repertory was founded in 2008 to provide NAPA graduates a platform to showcase their skills as actors and directors.  The purpose of the NAPA repertory was also to inculcate a theatre going habit in the citizens of Karachi. 

To these ends NRT has successfully staged 22 plays in the last 5 years.  The plays have ranged in style from the classical to experimental, from the melodramatic to the modern. We have attempted to cover as many genres as possible in an effort to introduce both our students and our audience to the amazing variety of world theatre. 

Notable among our productions have been the translations of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights dream (beech Bahar Ki Raat Ka Sapna) and Othello, Agha Hashr’s Sufaid Khoon and Nek Parveen, Chekov’s Seagull and Uncle Vanya (Habib Mammoo).  Comedies have included Moliere’s Miser (Kanjoos), Molnar’s Lawyer (Vakeel Sahib), Play on (Khel Jari Hai) and Can’t pay won’t pay ( Jungle mai Mangal Bazaar).  While producing plays from a number of countries including Egypt, India, Russia, England, France and the United States we have also presented original Pakistani works including Khawabon ke Musafir by Intezar Hussain, Janay Pehchanay Ajnabi and most recently MantoRama. 

The NAPA Repertory has also been instrumental in initiating the NAPA Performing Arts Festival in 2012.  This is an annual festival features the work of our music and theatre graduates along with other young artists.  The Second festival was held in March and April 2013.  The NAPA International Theatre Festival 2014 will be held in March 2014.