The story is about a mother who is seeking justice for her young daughter who has been raped. The  mother is trying to find the culprit of the crime herself. Her efforts to find the truth are blocked at each step  by the very people and institutions that are there for the protection of the weak and helpless. The  community elders, the police and the notables of the community all rally to protect the strong while the  mother watches helplessly as her daughter succumbs to her injuries and dies. The death of the young girl  causes the teacher to speak up and reveal the culprit of the crime. The mother takes law into her own  hands and attempts to kill the man responsible.  The system of injustice and the collusion of the institutions of state with the media and elite of the country  are the central focus of the play that seeks a change in this unjust system.

Directed by Fraz Chhotani