The story is about a Shia couple set against the backdrop of sectarian violence. We see the mindset of a community under siege manifesting itself through the story of this young husband and wife.  After the first miscarriage, the wife's condition is such that she has been advised not to attempt another pregnancy for at least two years. The husband under the influence of a cleric wants to have a child. The death of a community leader and the riots following it work as a catalyst in the story of the couple. The husband piles on the pressure fearing for the survival of the community while the woman resists and fights for her right to choose the timing of the birth of the child. The play explores gender relations with in the context of violence in Karachi that has targeted many communities. The impact of the violence on the people in each community is presented with the focus on what havoc such violence wrecks on the lives of apparently well-educated young people where a man can try to take away such basic rights of a woman to choose her own destiny and the right to her own body.
Directed by Zain Ahmed