Jad, a Palestinian born in America, decides to go to Palestine for the first time in his life. Wanting to know more about his people and identity, he finds out that reality is very different from what you see in the news. This play was directed by Micaela Miranda and devised together with the ensemble of graduated actors from The Freedom Theatre Acting School. In a sarcastic, comic but also tragic style, the actors create the space, characters and even the emotional spaces they live in in a virtuoso play with their bodies in an a very small stage - “as small as Palestine”. “Mraoh 3la Flsteen” was created after a research of story gathering through playback theatre with the communities engaged in the Freedom theatre’s Freedom us. This play gathers stories from Jenin, Fasayel, Dheisha Camp, Mufaqara, and Gaza. 
Directed by Micaela Miranda