The play “Faraib” is an adaptation of Harold Pinter’s play, “Betrayal”.  Adaptated by Zohair Raza and directed by Uzma Sabeen 'Faraib' is an unusual play not only because it runs in reverse chronological order but also in how it portrays the emptiness of human relationships.

Betrayal in this play takes place on many different levels. Zain betrays his wife; Zoya her husband. They betray each other, and Zain betrays his friend Ramis, who also betrays Zain by not telling him that he knew about the affair.

There is no trust in any of the relationships. The characters search for love and their own happiness but they never find it. 

Set Design: Uzma Sabeen

Lighting Design: Uzma Sabeen

Sound & Technical Assistance: Shahjahan Narejo