It is sad but true- and it is a commentary on how poorly we have treated the performing arts in this country that there is hardly a play written for stage available in Urdu.

Intizar Hussain’s play “Khwabon kay Musafir” is therefore a cause célèbre. This play was penned some 52 years ago but has still not lost its charm and relevance; its sweetness, nuances, its soft and tender tone and its discreet dramatic structure.

Chekhov is regarded a genius in creating a form of drama in which the delicate human relationships are explored without any “loud or obvious statements”. He was the master of the un-said and in his plays the meaning is there some where between the words but not in the words. Drama in his masterful hands acquires the status of poetry and becomes a lyric in motion: a music played out through human interaction on stage. We can proudly say that “Khwabon kay Musafir” can without reservation be said to belong to this kind of drama.

Intizar Hussain is one of the greatest literally giants of our age. His novels and short stories are an invaluable part of out literary heritage. One simply wishes that he would have written more plays or could be persuaded to write one now as he has lost none of his creative abilities.

There are many amongst us who feel that theatre which is about the beauty of human voice and speech has often failed to provide the music of Urdu language to discerning ears; this play will prove an exception.