This Musical Play “Beech Bahar ke Raat Ka Sapna”  is an Urdu translation of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The lovers love, fight, quarrel and become jealous like all of us. The amateur actors prepare to stage a romantic tragedy. Somewhere close to where they are lies a fairyland. Just like there is one close to where we are; one that our eyes fail to see.

Lured by their dreams the lovers and the actors take to the forest, where the king of fairies leads them further astray. He casts a flowery spell upon their eyes and confounds their love to utter confusion. They loose their moorings and become strangers to themselves.

And then the king of fairies gives the events yet another turn. He mends broken hearts and restores the familiar order. But how? To answer these join us in the palace and the forest along the path of dreams that a midsummer night brings in this magnificent comedy by William Shakespeare.